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A little story about how the warm+cozy socks came to be...

Updated: May 9

The warm+cozy socks are one of my favorite sock patterns designed to date. And with any design, it truly takes a team to bring a quality pattern to life…this work does not happen without them!

Two feet with blue two toned socks on white wood floor with taupe blanket hanging

This design began on a Saturday morning back in November. My friend Kimberly of Palmer Yarn Company hand-delivered my advent mini's box I purchased from her and like you do - we broken it open (because who can wait for December 1??)!

Quick side story...I am so lucky to have Kimberly in my hometown. She's an amazing dyer and wonderful friend. We met just about 3 years ago thanks to her husband (and me being a little nosy🫣). He and I happened to be in our LYS, Yarnology, at the same time and I overheard him talk about Kimberly being a yarn dyer, etc, etc...and if you know me, I'm not one to shy away. So I got all the details and immediately starting following Kimberly on IG and then DM'd her. Thankfully she didn't ignore my message...and the rest is history!

So back to this lovely Saturday... Coffee was made first (of course!) and then we began unpacking all the fun bags. Lining them up and Ooooing and Aaahhing the entire time. The line-up was a stunner [see photo below] and then we got to chatting and brainstorming and the next thing we knew we were plotting for the warm+cozy socks AND our upcoming KAL (Feb 1 let’s cast-on together)!

black and white puppy sitting on yarn minis on a black and white chair

The amazing dyer she is, she got to dyeing that afternoon. She dyed up yarn for the both of us in our selected colorways. Once I got them in my hands, working out the design and sample knitting began. The colors we chose pair well together, mix of wam and cool, and gender neutral. So something for just about everyone.

So once a design is swatched, the pattern written out and a sample knit; it is then sent to my wonderful tech editor Arianna to dot the I’s and cross the final t’s along with checking the math (check that math!).

Next the pattern is shared with an amazing team of preview knitters. These talented knitters so graciously share their time and talents with me AND friendship. 🥰 The latter means the world to me - some of us have been knitting together for years now. While everyone is giving the pattern a final look over during the preview, photography happens.

I am fortunate to work with the talented Chelsea of Sage River Studios here in Winona. She does magic behind that lens! Once the photos are edited and sent back to me then it all comes together in the final layout you receive when purchased, the posts on socials, website and newsletter and Ravelry and more…

And then there are each of you! 💜 Those who love, share, and buy the pattern. So just as this began…it’s a team making all this happen.

Kimberly and I are hosting a fun Knit-A-Long featuring the warm+cozy socks and her DK sock bundles. The KAL kicks-off on Thursday, Feb 1, 2024...for more details, head over to my website and click on the KAL details from the main sock photo:

We look forward to casting-on and knitting with you!

xo, Crystal

PS...There are fun prizes too!!

white hands pulling on gold socks while sitting on a grey bench

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