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Bachelor Buttons...a family tradition

These holiday cookies I remember having being around every year of my life. My Grandma Seifert (my mom's mom) baked them every Christmas season along with probably 20 other cookies, bars, chocolates, and other treats. Her freezer would be bursting each Thanksgiving and Christmas with sweet homemade treats! Each of us grandkids, aunts, uncles, parents, and more looked forward to that stocked freezer when the holidays kicked off! Today my mom still bakes them for our family and I'm looking forward to baking with her in another week when we are all together to celebrate.

My cousins and I would constantly be sneaking out into the garage to grab a tin for us to share and hoping no one would catch up spoiling our appetites before the big feasts were about to be served to us!

My Grandma is no longer with us in person but she is with us always and most especially on my mind during this time of year. So I wanted to share with you a little part of my family and one of our favorite cookie recipes for the holidays.

From the St. John Vianney (Fairmont, Minnesota) cookbook (my mom's Church growing up and her grade school).

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