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Giving Back, Sample Sale and New Products

Well friend, it's almost December. Wow! The year is almost over and we are so close to ringing in the New Year!

As we get ready to begin December the rush of the holidays, I want to share with you something I've been doing for the last couple of years since I began designing knitwear. Each year a portion of sales has been donated. The past two years these donations were giving to organizations to support cancer research and support local cancer warriors in their fight.


For 2020 I've added a number of my hand knit samples to my webshop along with some new products (more to be added over the next week). These samples were all hand knit and used for fit, photography, and trunk shows. All samples have been washed and are ready for their new home.


Like everyone, this year I spent A LOT of time at home. With so much free-time at home I picked up a few more creative of these was ice dyeing. I've been playing with colors for the last few months and have so much fun - I'm amazed with every dyeing session and will oooh and ahhh to myself! Each piece is so unique and at some point I'll keep better notes as to which combinations I'm creating, but for right now its all about creativity.

And with that I am also offering some gorgeous, one of a kind, ice-dyed products on my site. To begin these will include some scarf/wraps and throw pillows. And with the Product Shop added to the site, those who are non-knitters or others looking for some beautiful handmade gifts, this is your place!


For the month of December, 100% of the net sales for the hand knit samples and hand dyed products from my Product Shop will be donated to Better Humans. This charitable organization provides food, water, clothing and other essentials to the homeless. #letsbebetterhumans

In January 2020 (I guess I did get 1 trip in this year pre-pandemic) I met photographer Jon Linton at an Arizona Art Event. He is a remarkable photographer and I reached out to him in April about some of his work. He shared with me his on-goings and time he had been spending with the homeless in communities around the US and introduced me to his project, @theihaveanameproject. This originally began in 2007 but took on new meaning in 2020. Jon shared with me, “This is a movement to inspire change, instill optimism, bring awareness and deliver hope to our homeless communities”.

Many of us are fortunate to have a warm bed to sleep in, roof over our head, a community willing to offer assistance, and people who know your name. So many do not have this and it has been accentuated more through the pandemic. The homeless often feel helpless and hopeless as they struggle to find a job, a home, in their battle with addiction or mental health, and many other countless reasons. Their voices silenced. Their faces unseen. Their names all but forgotten.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and look forward to giving some additional support to Better Humans. And I'll be sure to share with you the results.

CLICK HERE to go to the Product Shop.

Happy Holidays my friend!



This is the "Magic Bus". This rolling piece of humanity is used weekly to deliver food, water, clothing and other essential items to the less fortunate.

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