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It's Blackberry Season! AND Cowl Season!

Hello!!! This late August heat is just ripening the blackberries quickly so they are sweet and delicious! And perfect to include not only in desserts but some tasty sips!

I am also excited to announce the release of my Weathered Cowl! My local friend, Kimberly (Palmer Yarn Co.) and I teamed up on this one...and the result is a silky cashmere and merino cowl perfect for this upcoming transition season! And one of my favorite seasons...the season of layers! Sweaters, cowls, tees, jeans, flip flops...the perfect outfit (IMO!) The layers all go on in the crisp morning and as the day goes by fall off and when the sun goes down they all layer back on!

It's also the beginning of that perfect time of year to show off many of your beautiful knits...all those stunners you've been working on during these hot summer nights!

Check out the Weathered Cowl pattern in my shop and be sure to visit Palmer Yarn Co. for some wonderful color ideas in Kimberly's shop!

And before the blackberries sure to mix up this yummy mocktail for a refreshing sip for the entire family! It's a little bit sweet and a little bit tart but brought together it's perfect!

Blackberry Basil Mocktail (Note: this is for 1 serving)


  • 4 fresh blackberries

  • 1.5 fresh basil leaves

  • 1.5 TBSP sugar

  • Fresh Lime Juice

  • Carbonated or mineral water

To make a Blackberry Basil mocktail:

  1. In a cocktail shaker, crush the blackberries, basil and granulated sugar with a muddler until a jelly-like paste is formed making a blackberry basil syrup.

  2. Add 8-10 oz sparkling water.

  3. Add ice and give it a quick stir or shake.

  4. Pour into your glass and garnish with fresh blackberries and basil.

You could absolutely make this a cocktail if you wanted to. I would recommend your favorite clear liquor for this flavor profile. You can replace the sparkling water or even do half and half.

I'd love to hear if you make this and see your Weathered Cowl on your needles - so please share!

Happy Sips & Knits!

xo, Crystal

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