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Spring Cleaning and a Yarn Destash Give Back...

Updated: May 9

Drawer filled with yarn

A good spring cleaning usually results in finding beautiful things. They may have been tucked away, displayed beautifully on a shelf that wasn't always visible, or lost at the bottom of a drawer. While rediscovering these beautiful things it's also coming to terms that they have been loved dearly but are destined to a greater love in their next life.

During my recent Studio Spring Cleaning I had a serious heart to heart with myself as I was admiring all the gorgeous yarns in my forever growing stash. While organizing and re-organizing, I came to the realization that it was time to send many of these beautiful skeins of yarn off to new homes. They are so pretty and should be knit, crocheted or wove into something amazing...and I just don't know when I'll get to them. Don't get me wrong - they've provided me much joy and have been fabulous eye candy...

So a Yarn DESTASH is in order...throughout this week more items will be added each day to the new Destash Page in the Shop. And going forward, this will be updated periodically so continue to give it a peek! All the yarn listed is new and never used. And comes from a Smoke-Free home/office. Miss Sophie does live where much of the yarn is stored and she is hypoallergenic - a Maltese/ShiTzu mix and yarn is stored in cabinets or totes with cedar/lavender. There are some sweater quantities available and many unique colorways as part of clubs or special releases.



And with each Destash purchase, Factory Girl Design will donate 10% of sales (after shipping costs) to Sophie's favorite organization - Coco's Heart Dog Rescue. Some items may state 100% of sales (after shipping costs are covered) will be donated - these are yarns I was gifted and did not purchase with my own funds.


Sophie's mom was dropped at Coco's Heart early 2023 and upon her arrival it was discovered she was expecting puppies! Sophie and her siblings (a brother and sister) were born April 4, 2023. I was so lucky to be chosen as Sophie's forever mom and she's been the greatest joy in my life since! Her Gotcha Day (June 16, 2023 - photo below in her new crate at home) was one of the most exciting and nervous days ever!

black and white puppy in her new crate on right with her favorite white puppy toy

Coco's Heart becomes a temporary home to many amazing animals as they await their forever home. They have emergency care and bring in beautiful creatures from all over the country. Sophie and I give back when we can and with the Yarn Destash, this is another opportunity for us to give a little more. 

We will share our donation updates with you regularly. Thank you for your support!


Happy Making & Browsing!!!

xo, Crystal & Sophie

black and white puppy dressed in pink dress on black and white chair with birthday girl puppy treats

Sophie celebrated her 1st birthday last week!

from left to right: black & white puppy, brown puppy, white mom puppy, and male brown puppy on white couch

Sophie (far left) with her sister, Mom, and brother about 6 weeks after their birth.

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