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Introducing Road to Rhinebeck...and a Little Message from My Heart to You.

Road to Rhinebeck.

Fall 2019 I was fortunate to attend my 1st Rhinebeck. Wow. What a weekend. It was a blur. Shared with friends new and old. And of course I took only 2 photos BUT my stash was filled with lovely additions, and each with a story. The yarn chosen for Road to Rhinebeck is no exception.

While enjoying the final minutes on Saturday of the NY Sheep & Wool Festival the grounds were cooling with a fall chill in the air and the barns open for a bit more but empty of the crowds. I made my last stop of my trip to Primrose Yarn Co. All day it had been shoulder to shoulder but for those last 5 minutes I had the honor of enjoying all the yarn all by myself. Again, I wish I would have captured the moment with a photo. Spending the last of my extended budget I knew these three colorways were destined to be together. (Oh friends, I really blew past my budget, just too many beautiful things everywhere!) At the close of the weekend my housemates and I were already planning for Rhinebeck 2020. Well, someone has a different plan for us this year. Who isn't already plotting for Rhinebeck 2021?! So while you continue to knit all the lovely things, maybe Road to Rhinebeck will be something fun to work on as we continue to await our return, or make our first trip, to that magical place for fiber lovers. Pattern Details. Road to Rhinebeck is knit flat in worsted weight yarn. A mix of textures and color give this cowl a different style and look with every wear. The design includes a two-color pearl brioche and a three-color linen stitch. And don't you worry my friend! I have created a video tutorial for the brioche. And I want you to know this was my first time working with these stitches too and they were fun! I am confident you'll enjoy it too and I'm here...just an email or DM away...if you need any support!

The yarn used is Journey Worsted from Primrose Yarn Co. Journey Worsted is a 4-ply worsted weight, 100% non-superwash merino (218 yd / 199m / 100g) - it's heavenly and squishy and bouncy. I used less than a full skein of each:

  • Graphite (used 167 yd / 153 m)

  • Dusty Rose (used 127 yd / 116 m)

  • Gremlin (used 127 yd / 116 m)

Kelsey is planning an update of colors/stock for her Journey Worsted base this week on Friday, June 26th - so keep an eye out for that if you want to create a fun color combo. I so enjoyed knitting with it and looking forward to stocking up on more for another project...maybe a future sweater.

And for each of you, I'm offering a 30% release discount from Tuesday (6/23/2020) through Sunday (6/28/2020) using code: ROADTO2021 on Ravelry. Get the pattern here. Happy Knitting and I can't wait to see your #roadtorhinebeck

Rhinebeck 2019 with my amazing housemates and Rhinebeck pros!

What's Ahead.

I have a couple more new cowls in the works for July release. My lovely test knitters are just finishing up. More cowls you say! Yes I know...I've got a thing for cowls. They really are my favorite accessory because I can wear them year round. And you will find them office, couch, thrown over a chair, in the car, and yes even in my saddlebags on my motorcycle. Anyone else like this with cowls? Or another handmade accessory? I have a new shawl in progress too...keep your eyes peeled on Instagram for a testing call coming soon. This new pattern will have 3 different sizes and two different shawl styles. Lots of options! And what else...I have two new sweaters designs in process and one other piece that I have not decided if it will be a wrap or a shrug...the jury is out yet. Maybe I'll offer both as an option in the pattern? Hmmm...decisions. So many fun new designs I cannot wait to share more with you. I am very excited about each of them. Here's a quick peek back when some of these were WIPs.


I have been sharing on Instagram and Facebook, and want to share with you my beliefs and stance on anti-racism. I understand we may not all be in the same place today. Many of us are still learning. I am right there with you.  We all have our own stories of racism and privilege. And I don't know about you, but I've also had those OSTWRM (oh shit that was racist moment(s)). But you learn from them and do better the next chance you have. I know each of us comes from our own place and we are all of different races, colors, religious beliefs, and communities. What we all have in common is we are human. And we have the right to be treated equally. Milly's Knit Designs is a safe, inclusive space free of racism. I will not be hurt if you choose to leave because we don't believe the same things all the time, but I do encourage you to stay and be open. Be open to listening and learning from each other. Be open to making change and standing up for social justice and equality. I respect we have differences. I have always believed we grow by being open and willing to listen to those differences and listen to each other. Learning a new perspective. And with that we are always changing and growing. Going forward I'll share more with you those who inspire me - Black, Indigenous, People of Color, LGBTQIA folks, and other underrepresented and marginalized identities - who are makers, business owners, authors, activists, teachers, and more. I'll also share ways I'm learning, my journey to make change happen, and my why.  For today, I leave you with a short list of some books, videos, and educators/activists who have had an impact for me to date: 

  • Watch: The Hate U Give, Seven Seconds, 13th, American Son

  • Read: The Hate U Give (Angie Thomas), All About Love (bell hooks), Antagonist, Advocates and Allies: The Wake Up Call Guide for White Women Who Want to Become Allies with Black Women (Catrice Jackson), Me and White Supremacy (Layla Saad)

  • Educators & Activists: The Conscious Kid, Oh Happy Dani (Danielle Coke), Ibram X. Kendi

I'll never know what it is like to walk in the shoes of my friends and relatives, but I will continue to stand with them, to learn, listen, and stand in the gap. True change starts in the heart, in the home and in our surroundings. Be unashamed to grow in all the ways needed in order to be better than who we were yesterday. Cheers & Stitches friends! XO, Crystal


Oh - one last thing I need your help!

I'm usually an audible or e-book reader, but lately books feel too important to me to not have them in my hands. So how do you keep knitting and also read an actual book? Please share your tips for this!

And I'd LOVE to hear what you are reading and/or watching now?

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