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I picked up these lovely skeins of yarn when I was at the New York Sheep & Wool Festival last October in Rhinebeck, NY. fI was lucky to have loads of time hanging with my friends at Primrose Yarn Co. and also fellow designers Olga Putano, Rachel of Unwind Knitwear, and Kimberly McAlindin. Rachel joined us from the UK for her first Rhinebeck weekend and we also celebrated a US Thanksgiving with her too. It was a fabulous weekend with these ladies!

So back to the yarn...when I was shopping the Primrose Yarn booth this combo kept calling my name so I came home with 2 of each (Roan DK in Onyx and Homestead Worsted in Milkyway) and knew they were going to be something with slipped stitches.

As I began playing around with a few different ideas, I also had picked up a copy of Divine Rivals by Rebecca Ross as this was the book for my monthly book club. As I was reading, the word Eventide was written. And it just stuck with me. Every time I hear that word I think of that magical hour which I've come to realize is one of my favorites.

"It was eventide, the moment between darkness and light, when the constellations began to dust the sky and the city lamps flickered to life in reply. --Rebecca Ross, Divine Rivals

While working through the cowl I kept seeing stars and that transition from light to darkness where you look up and all you see is a sea of twinkling stars. So Eventide just felt like the right name for this new cowl.

Do you ever find a word that just speaks to you? I'd love to hear what that is and why or how it's affected you.

I hope you enjoy this new cowl design. It's a bit of a mix between a cowl and a shawl, cozy and perfect for layering. If you grab a copy, don't forget to share your beautiful piece with me!

Happy Making friends!

xo, Crystal

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