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Milly's Knit Designs

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

Named for my beautiful grandmother, Milly. She has been gone since 2002. She and my father were the first to introduce me to creating with fibers. My father taught me embroidery and cross-stitch. My grandmother showed me how to knit and crochet. She worked hard to teach me – but I just never got it. I always blamed it on me being right handed and she left handed. When it was really just me not that interested or not getting it. She made me many blankets over the years and I still have them today and cherish each of them.

It was 2011 when I picked up needles again and a million thanks to my LYS for teaching me some mad skills. I have literally traveled the world with it in tow and have made so many different things – hats, cowls, scarves, blankets, sweaters, shawls, etc. And have been know to pack more projects than clothes on an occasion or two - you just never know how much down time you may have! I prefer to be prepared in case I am going to be stranded in an airport or my beach vacation turns into being stuck inside watching movies and the monsoon outside.

I have always enjoyed creating and designing and so in 2016 I began to dabble with knitting design. In late 2018 decided to take that leap and publish a few patterns starting with accessories. And so Knits for Cures was first launched into this world. Every Knits for Cures pattern sold, a portion of the sales is donated to cancer research organizations.

As 2019 has brought much awareness and conversations about body positivity and inclusivity to the forefront, I have found myself longing for more knits I would want to wear and most especially garments. I am a plus-size woman. I would be considered in the middle range today and my weight fluctuates throughout every year. Grandma Milly was a plus-size woman. Most people today are considered plus-size, yet in fast fashion and slow fashion, there is still little focus on designing to all body types.

As a newer knitwear designer, it is very important to me to design for all body types as best I am able. Milly’s Knit Designs patterns all aim to be size inclusive. I want to wear what I design, and I hope for others my size, smaller or larger to also knit, love and wear my patterns out in the wild.

I look forward to sharing more with you who follow on this journey, learn from each other and introduce to you new designs and tools for your knitting journey.

Grandma Milly and I before Prom 1995

Everyone deserves something beautiful to put on their body, regardless of what size it is. Whether fat or thin, or somewhere in between, size does not define us.

My dad & I

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