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Meraki: (mA-’rak-E) (n.) The soul, creativity, or love put into something; the essence of yourself


I have not been here lately and I do apologize. This has been an unusually busy summer for me. We had a big move this summer and that took a good 6 weeks to complete and the days have been long with work and not much time for knitting…which has resulted in not much to share - just yet!

I hope you have been having fun and enjoying time with family and friends these past weeks before all the kiddos return back to school!

I wanted to pop-in to say hi and I am delighted to share with you my Meraki cowl pattern is now available for individual purchase. Meraki was originally published as part of the Indie Untangled Where We Knit Yarn Club in February 2022.

As this was a collaboration, the yarn used was from Gabby at Plies and Hellhounds and it was a dream to knit. The custom color way is called Meraki (and there is a special pre-order from Indie Untangled HERE) and was dyed in her Marie Cutie base (75% SW Corriedale, 25% Nylon, 443 yd/405 m, 100g).

Inspiration came from this beautiful photo captured in Paris by Gabby of Plies and Hellhounds. Light, shadows, intricate details, and blends of colors spoke to us.

The Meraki cowl is knit in the round and includes a combination of a twisted rib, stockinette, and beautifully simple lace pattern. The pattern is repetitive and may be easily memorized, making this a small and quick project perfect for your upcoming adventures.

I look forward to seeing where this project takes you, on your needles and in your travels!

With your pattern purchase, you will receive 3 versions - Print, Mobile, and Low-Vision PDFs. I look forward to seeing your gorgeous versions of Meraki!

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